Monday April 29th! Local friend JOY POND book release feature! Plus “Emily Dickinson on Helium” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: JOY POND is a Worcester County based poet/painter/singer and aspiring banjo player. She’s been writing and singing for many years, but recently let heartache fuel her art in a way of healing, rather than self destruction. She is dedicated to her use of words, and connecting with people through poetry. Letting those with emotional pain know that they are not alone. Joy will be celebrating the release of her debut chap-book “And so it goes”! We don’t always book local readers, but when someone has been working as hard and as joyously (pun intended) on their craft and is amped to get that work out into the world, we’re more than happy to help celebrate that!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE EMILY DICKINSON ON HELIUM CHALLENGE – our annual foray into the silly ponderings of what some of the most famous poets may have sounded like? We aren’t blessed with audio recordings of Emily’s work, so we thought we’d bring some poems and some inflated balloons and wonder what the alternative universe of sounds might like sound like. Best high pitched performance gets a drink on us!

AKIBA DAVIS & AARON LEDGER will be offering the sweet house band sounds! KING OF THE WEIRD is providing the live arts. We’ll have snacks and open mic and beverages and lots of fun! Can we have Gerund outside yet? Follow us on the instagram and youtube channels. Monday’s are where it’s at!

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