Monday May 13th! JUSTICE AMEER from Providence! Plus Springtime “Hai-Clue” Guess Challenge in the air!

FEATURED POET: JUSTICE AMEER is a poet and performer based in Providence, Rhode Island whose work explores the experience of being a Black trans woman in a post-racial and potentially post-apocalyptic America. Xe has competed and featured at various poetry venues across the nation. Xe is a Pink Door fellow, FEM Slam Champion, and two-time Providence Grand Slam Champion. Xyr work has been published in Glass Poetry PressPOETRY magazine, and The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic anthology.

BONUS RUCKUS: “Springtime is in the Air, HAI-CLUE” Guess Challenge! Warmer weather and allergens are in the air people! We’ll deliver some 17 syllable clues that have to do with the change in seasons! Your job? Take an educated listening stab at telling us just what the heck we’re talking about! First to guess three correct, gets a frosty drink on us!

Guest visual arts this week from GAB ROSEMARY @gabrielle.rosemary. House band will be a bit of a shake-up as we’re playing around with combos! We’ll have more snacks, more open mic, more of all you’ve come to enjoy and expect and respect and sing for!

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