Monday June 3rd! Poet JULISSA EMILE from Boston! PLUS! Return of the Saltine Haiku Challenge!

FEATURED POET: JULISSA EMILE is a twenty-one year old transplant from the United States Virgin Islands. Their writing focuses on the intersections of blackness, queerness and “if that were a garden, what would grow from it”. They have been featured in Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed and have plans to release a chapbook in the spring of 2020.

BONUS RUCKUS: The SALTINE CRACKER HAIKU SPIT Challenge: We’re going wayyyy back in the archive for this one! Contestants will receive a random number generated selection of saltines! Contestants will then place & chew saltine crackers until there is no more spit left in their mouths. Then they will spit 17 syllables while the crumb dust literally flies into the air! This challenge is wicked dumb and we’re sorry, not sorry. Whoever spits most audibly will receive a drink on us to wash down the crumbs and glory!

NICK STEVENS on bass, JACOB SHEEVAI on guitar and AKIBA DAVIS on drums return this week for power trio house band outstandingness! Former Worcester Arts Council fellowship grant recipient DON HARTMAN returns to paint live! There will be snacks, open mic, the best in burgers and drinks and hopefully some more beautiful weather to enjoy outside on the patio!

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