Monday! June 10th! MYLES BULLEN returns to rap the rest of your faces off! Plus other stuff!

Featured Artist: MYLES BULLEN (in their own words…)

“Myles is a Language Artist using rap as a conduit for storytelling and psychosomatic discharge” – said someone at a show once.

Oh Hi there! My name is Myles Bullen. I am Native American. I graduated high school. That colorful cardigan wearing sensitive rapper.

That ukulele screaming performance artist who believes in people still. When I’m not on the road, I am writing, teaching, gardening, and co-creating art in Portland, ME.

I’ve Shared stages w/ Ceschi , Milo , Mr. Lif , billy woods , Spose , Astronautalis , MC Lars , Prof , Handmade Moments , Lady Lamb , Sarah Violette , Brzowski , Bri Lane , Paranoid Social Club , SB The Moor , Shane Reis , Bensbeendead. , Alunarlanding , Shang-High , Maya Songbird and Kenya Hall to name a few of my favs…

I’ve performed in a wide range of eclectic environments including: your local dive bar, educational spaces, all age community venues, juvenile prisons, rehabilitation centers, music festivals, and various living rooms. I have dedicated the past few years to performing my manifesto of rhythmic poems and melodic archives, traveling extensively, to get vulnerable in front of living people.

The Album is here- Not Dead Yet – travel with me #MylesEatsTheMap

BONUS RUCKUS: I don’t know, we’ll think of something… or other… challenge! No spoiler alerts here!

THE POWER TRIO (Akiba, Nick and Jacob) are back and power jamming into a potential summer residency! Snack from JOY POND! Visual artist will be none other than AMBER ROSE TORTORELLI who’s gearing up for a special music / theater / fairy tale / art exhibit extravaganza the following Sautday JUNE 15th at STARLITE GALLERY in SOUTHBRIDGE (come to this event, Alex is Narrating the Little Mermaid to live action actors, whaaaa?”

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