Gerunds are one of three kinds of verbals.  Verbals are verbs that gerund-grammarfunction as another part of speech.  The gerund always functions as a noun.  The participle, a verbal that always acts as an adjective,  has already been covered.  The infinitive will be covered next.

Verbals retain the qualities of a verb even while acting as nouns, adjectives and adverbs.  In other words, verbals can have direct objects, predicate nouns, or predicate adjectives (any of the three verb complements) even though they are not functioning as verbs.  Verbals, then, fall into the same patterns as sentences and clauses.

A gerund always ends in ing. It also always functions as a noun.  This means that all gerunds will act as subjects of a sentence, objects of prepositions, predicate nouns, or direct objects.

Examples Bertha enjoys hiking.

Hiking is the gerund.

A “Dirty Gerund?” – well……. use your imagination!!! Johnny Q. Poetry  enjoys &$#%^ing

2 Responses to “WHAT’s A GERUND? WHAT’s a DIRTY GERUND?”

  1. dirtygerund Says:

    Never found the shirt. Sorry man. We looked through all our stuff and it didn’t turn up.

  2. Nick Noble Says:

    Actually trying to find an email contact for you guys, inviting you to appear on my show THE FOLK REVIVAL on Feb. 3 (a Thursday) from 7-11 PM. The theme is “Folk Poetry” and you’d be sharing the airwaves (broadcast appropriate, of course) with Woody Guthrie, Shel Silverstein, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and others. Please let me know (reply to email above). Feel free to delete this “post” if it doesn’t jibe with the page. Happy New Year. Nick Noble

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