Q&A repost from talent search blog post

Who are we?
For the past 3 years, we’ve run a weekly Monday Night Series at Ralph’s Rock Diner on Grove Street. Part Open Mic (poets mainly), part featured guest performance poets (national and local acts), part music (revolving crew of live improv musicians who back poets up, as well as the occasional inclusion of “musical spotlight” 15-20 minute mid-show musical guest slot), part visual arts (live painting on stage while show happens) and something we call ruckus (game shows, writing and performance challenges, a bit of comedy shtick yuk yuk) at the end of the night

How’s it going?
Pretty good, thanks for asking. The series has grown steadily. We average 30-60 audience each Monday Night. 100 web hits a week. Our venue is super fun and supportive. We’ve had good media exposure with Pulse Magazine article and Telegram & Gazette “Go” Video. Articles in all local papers and several blogs. But like any show, it can always go better and bigger.

What are we looking for?
At the moment, we’re looking for Visual Artists (painters, sculptors) who’d like to be included under our circus top tent. We can still oblige local emcees, folkies, punks, soulsters, irish jigsters, jugglers, comics, burlesque, ventriloquists, freaks &/or geeks who’re looking for some exposure and a chance to wile out (as the kids say, I’m told). Besides talent, those who enjoy the fun and connection of collaboration will fit in well.

What’s in it for us?
Fair enough. We don’t do cover charges. We pass the hat and are more than willing to share the meager windfall. It’s hard to guarantee payment for this kinda thing. Musicians & Performance Artists If you’re travelling, can bring something unique &/or special to our stage &/or can prove you can bring some audience with you, every effort will be made to give you money. (depending on the night & audience, it could range between $10-$30) – bring your merchandise, we have a table and a willingness to push it! Visual Artists If you’re willing to auction your work at the end of show (with artist keeping all profits) We’ve done this for over 2 years now and have gotten upwards of $20-$40 on average. I think our record is $80. If you want to keep your art, that’s cool, we just ask for a chance to take a photo for the website gallery. Now that the money’s outta the way We want to get you seen, and make our show more diverse and dynamic at the same time. We will promote your stuff on our web site ahead of the show, promote upcoming gigs, link to your websites, and guarantee that there’ll be some folks in the house who may very well dig whatever it is you’re doing. There’s not a lot going on, on Mondays, give us a shot.

Contact us. Write us at – if you’re a musical act, send us mp3’s, video clip links, or web presence links so we can check out your stuff. Artists, send us jpeg pics, or links to where you’re stuffs at. We are not uber arts critics. We’re promoters trying to mix different styles and types of fun into the melting pot of a potentially open & amazing scene. We’re pretty open and will do our best to communicate efficiently.

Things to keep in mind.
1. This is a 21plus event. Sorry youngsters. Soon… Soon…
2. Show runs Monday Nights from 9pm-ish-11:30ish (for those with early tuesday wake-up calls)
3. Musical acts & performers with minimal / easy set-up are gonna get a better shot at this. The music/performance spotlight is mid-show, we do not want to ruin our pace by stopping everything to do set-up/break down. Emcees, bring your lap-top early to sound check with our PA. Bands, maybe an equipment share with our house musicians will save time and trouble. Guitarists, tune your guitar ahead of time (wink). We want someone who can jump in and rock out! We do not have a professional sound guy, please come early to make sure you sound like you want to.
4. Be a part of the show. The show starts a bit after 9pm and we do our best to make things pop, move fast and have a lot of fun. Our primary focus is performance poetry, so respect for those on the mic is demanded & appreciated. (there are plenty of places to chat all over Ralph’s). However, its funny how a poetry reading can break into a dance party, if you bring the right energy. Again, minimal easy set up/ break down is important if you HAVE to arrive late/ leave early. We will not stop the show for 10 minutes so you can dis-connect a mine-field of loop pedals. We really want you to check us out while we check you out. We’re going for combined energy, not separate. (I totally respect fog machines, laser shows, crazy walls of sound with 10 synth orchestras, it just might not fit into what we’re doing).
5. Originality goes a long way! This is mainly about fun. But its really about building a collaborative community where anything can go, people can develop their art, and folks can influence each other & connect. The occasional cover is cool, but we really want to hear YOUR song. Musical spotlights get 15-20 minutes. Let us hear you. If you rock your mid-show set, and want to play another set after the show’s over, we can discuss that too.

So talk to us. Go to or plug Dirty Gerund into Youtube. Check out the two months worth of video recaps and get a gauge on what we’re all about. We’re mainly looking for musical acts and visual artists, but hey, surprise us, maybe you’re on to some new stuff we don’t know about yet. Word. Thanks.

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