Take a step back through Dirty Gerund History. Over the past 7 years plus, we’ve been fortunate enough to feature poetry from the best in local, regional, national and even international artists who’ve come to recognize Worcester as a must-stop! Just in case you missed out….

8/31/09 – “COWBOY” MATTHEW HOPEWELL – local musician, poet and host of “little a” poetry series.

9/7/09 – DAVID PEREZ – Slam poet on tour from San Jose, CA

9/14/09 – JADE SYLVAN – Boston Author Book Release.

9/21/09 – JIM CARROLL Tribute

9/28/09 – J.W. BAZ – Chicago Slam Poet and Playwrite on tour.

10/5/09 – ERICH HAGAN – Boston / Providence Slam Monster and Esoteric Electronic Music Sampler Extraordinaire.

10/12/09 – IAN KHADAN and CONNOR DOOLEY – Jersey Slam Poets on their first tour!

10/19/09 – ANTHONY FEBO – All things to all people slam master of Lowell, Massachusetts!

10/26/09 – MEGAN THOMA – Poetry Slam Maven from Providence RI.

11/2/09 – MISSION FROM ZOD TOUR featuring New Hampshire Stalwarts, MARK “The Colonel” PALOS & RYAN “Two Belts” McLELLAN

11/9/09 – ROB “Ratpack Slim” STURMA – from Los Angeles, CA! Longtime LA Slam Monster and host of LA weekly “Green” Series. On a national tour in support of his new book, published by Write Bloody Press.

11/16/09 – KATE “TAK” MOGEL – New President of the Clark University Poetry Slam Club, former Worcester Youth Team Member and Adult Slam Team Finalist will be stoppin by with well crafted, witty, often humourous, work about heritage, computers and politics.

11/23/09 –  TUIA’ANA SCANLAN – Honolulu, Hawaii Poet & National Championship Winning Youth Poetry Slam Coach will be paying us a visit.

11/30/09 – BRIAN ELLIS – Boston Poetry Slam Team Member and Write Bloody Published Author!

12/7/09 – SUE SAVOY – Boston Cantab Mainstay featuring in Worcester for the first time. She’s no slam poet, but her satirical, dead-pan bite is gonna play well here in sarcastic land!

12/14/09  – MAX KESSLER current “Champion of Champions” at the Boston Cantab Slam. Member of ’09 Cantab Slam Team and Organizer at Emerson College Poetry Slam which will be hosting the 2010 College Union National Poetry Slam next spring.

12/21/09 – PAULIE LIPMAN – Slammaster from Denver Mercury Cafe Slam in Colorado and all around Road/ Warrior is paying us a visit on his national tour.

12/28/09 – JACKIE MORRILL – Homegrown Whip Smart Worcester Talent, reigning Iron Poet Champ and our very own Miss Dirty Gerund will be favoring us with her very first feature, happy holiday style!


1/11/10 – SIERRA DEMULDER – Member of 2009 National Poetry Slam Championship Winning Team from St. Paul, Minnesota coming through on tour!

1/18/10 – MIKE McGEE long time Gerund Supporter, Two Time Indie Poetry Slam Champ, Write Bloody Press Author and all around spoken word king is back in town!

1/25/10 – 2002 – DAVID BLAIR – 2002 National Slam Champ / Award Winning Singer  Songwriter from Detroit!!!

2/1/10 – IYEOKA IVIE OKOAWO – Truly one of the best in the biz! Poetry Slam Icon from Boston!

2/8/10 – CYNTHIA FRENCH – Poetry Slam and Roller Derby Goddess from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

2/15/10 – STEPHEN MEADS – Slam Monster and Overall Funny Man on tour from the San Francisco Bay Area!

2/22/10 – MARC MARCEL – Internationally Touring Spoken Word Artist, Novelist and travelling troubador from Baltimore, by way of Atlanta, GA.

3/1/10 – LAURA YES YES – Ex-Hampshire College Stalwart & Poetry Slam Veteran on tour from Washington DC!

3/8/10 – JONATHAN WOLF – Worcester Poetry Slam & Spoken Word Stalwart calls Worcester & our stage home! Iron Poet Rematch! Morrill vs. Davis II

3/15/10 – KRISTA MOSCA – DG pal, making her way down from Manchester, New Hampshire for her very first featured reading!

3/22/10 – SHANE HALL – of TickleBomb Orchestra fame! our heralded music man’s got more projects than you can shake a daily planner at! Shane’s gonna throw down a special hip/hop fusion set for us wannabe hype men!

3/29/10 – JEFF CANNON – Our resident “Elder of the Tribe”s Book Release Party! Our man’s got a new published collection, titled “EROS” and we’re celebrating. Classy!

4/5/10 – JEANANN VERLEE – New York City Poetry Slam Champ and newest edition to the Write Bloody Publishing Family makes her way through on tour!

4/12/10 – DUENDE – The stellar poetry and music project, includes Tony Brown, veteran performance poet, and Steve Lanning-Cafaro, AKA Faro, electric bass and Nylon string guitar!

4/19/10 – APRIL RANGER – Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team Member & IWPS Representative pays another long overdue visit.

4/26/10 – CHARLEY POPE – Slam Master and Amazing Performer from Hampshire College.

5/3/10 – CORRINA BAIN – Ex-patriot Worcesterite and inimitable poet’s poet extending her visit back home long enough to show us love!

5/10/10 – MATT GANO – performance poet and youth activist from Seattle, Washington on tour!

5/17/10 – RC WESLOWSKI – all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia on his first long overdue, New England Tour!

5/24/10 – PUMA PERL – Award Winning Poet from New York City, celebrating new first full length book, Knukle Tattoos (Erbacce Press)!


5/31/10 – CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON – New England / New Jersey Poetry Slam Veteran and Rhode Island Poetry Organizer. This guy’s busier than us, but is making time to come and poet with us!

6/7/10 – COLE RODRIGUEZ – Multiple Boston Slam Team Member and Champion over at the Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam in Cambridge!

6/14/10 – JAMAL “Versiz” MAY – Nationally Renowned Performer & Pushcart Prize Nominee on tour from Detroit, Michigan!

6/21/10 – NICK FOX – Former Slam Poet from Flagstaff Arizona, by way of Chicago, by way of France. Currently finishing up his first novel in Maine. He’s got some steam to blow off!

6/28/10 – MARLON CAREY – Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Beast & Emcee!

7/5/10 – MATTHEW JOHN CONLEY – Poetry Slam Legend and Poetry Grad School Bridge Crosser from Tuscon Arizona.

7/12/10 – SARA BRICKMAN – 10 year spoken word veteran from Seattle, Washington.

7/19/10 – 2009 Worcester Slam Team Poet, DANIELLE CARRIVEAU

7/26/10 – Lars Ruppel, Wolf Hogekamp and Sebastian 23…… FROM GERMANY!!!!

8/2/10 – LIZ HEATH – Poets Asylum Co-Host and Worcester Spoken Word Up and Comer!

8/9/10 – DG regular’s blazing the mic for their first feature! LIZ SWENSON & HALLIDAY NELSON!!!

8/16/10 – Worcester Youth Slam Vet & Prose Luminary, JEFF SEIGRIST turns 21 with a double shot of poetry feature & spotlight for his band JOEY FAUST SAFECRACKER!

8/23/10 – New Hampshire Poet and Lowell Slam Vet, MATT GALLANT

8/30/10 – ERIN JACKSON – 3 time Worcester Slam Team Vet and teacher.

9/6/10 – RUSHELLE FRAZIER Dirty Gerund Founder and current Savannah Georgia Poet,  visits us from the Dirty South. Plus Iron Poet Championship Bout, “Gibbs vs Davis”.

9/13/10 – DANNY BALEL, theater teacher, poets asylum co-host and only poet to ever rep Worcester Youth, Worceelium Challenge!

9/20/10 – McKENDY FILS-AMIE – 2010 New Hampshire & 2009 Worcester Slam Team Magician. Plus, “Poetry Undercover Challenge”.

9/27/10 – KALYANA CHAMPLAIN aka Fifth Elament, co-founder ISIS STORM female arts collective, talented Emcee from Providence Rhode Island.

10/4/10 – MINDY NETTIFEE – nationally renowned poet from Southern California, visiting us in support of her new book, “Rise of the Trust Fall” on press.

10/11/10 – JOHN “SURVIVOR” BLAKE – nationally touring poet from New York City Spoken Word Scene. Currently Richmond, VA Slam Master, best known for gripping narratives of overcoming.

10/18/10 – ALICE SHINDELAR – rising star from the St. Paul, Minnesota Spoken Word Scene on tour.

10/25/10 – DERRICK J.G. WILLIAMS – talented upstart from Boston, promoting his debut CD.

11/1/10 –  SARAH SAPIENZA – razor sharp witted, whip-smart transplant to the Worcester Area. Originally from Burlington Vermont, Sarah’s spent the last few years in Seattle, WA. She now makes Worcester her home!

11/8/10 – ERICH HAGAN – after touring as sound man for the Harlem Globe Trotters, this boisterous Boston Poet’s is sure to make his return to our stage with some great stories, surprises and/or eclectic sonic landscaping!

1/22/10 – SIMONE BEAUBIEN – Boston Cantab Lounge Poetry Slam Master. Captained her team to 2008 Finals Stage at National Poetry Slam. Masterful story teller and all around performance siren! Guest Visual Artist Bill McMillan. Bonus Ruckus: Voice Coder/AutoTune Performance Challenge!

11/29/10 – DAVID SURETTE – bare knuckled verse from South Easton, MA poet celebrating release of his new collection, “Immaculate Conception Mother’s Club,” out on Koenisha Publications. Visual Artist Matty Highes. Bonus Ruckus: Helium Haiku Challenge!

12/6/10 – BRANDI MacDONALD – 2010 Indie World Poetry Slam Tournament Representative from Worcester performs in town for the last time before embarking on her journey to Charlotte, NC to compete on our behalf.

12/13/10 – RACHEL McKIBBENS – 2009 Women of the World Poetry Slam National Champion! New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellow. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Three time National Poetry Slam Tournament Finalist. Def Poet mother of 5 & author of “Pink Elephant” (Cypher Books) is one of the best poets to cross over from stage to page and back!

12/20/10 – CHRISTOPHER KAIN – one of the Boston Cantab Lounge’s best writers and all around New England Best Kept Secret, celebrating release of new book, “20th Century Limited” which consists of a poem for every year of the 20th Century. Smart, innovative word from one of Boston’s Best.

12/27/10 – SEREN DIVINE – homegrown Worcester Poetry Slam Team Veteran returning for the holidays to visit. She currently poets, teaches and writes in Brooklyn, NY.

1/3/11 – PATRICK SHAUGHNESSY – at the 2010 National Poetry Slam Tournament, this first time off beat / wild man competitor from Lowell, MA Mill Slam took home Haiku Tournament & “Nerd” Slam Champion Honors and scored higher than any poet in the two matches he competed in, as overnight a sensation as you can get in these parts!

1/10/11 AARON SAMUELS – former Providence Youth Poetry Grand Slam Champion, current College Union Poetry Slam Award Winner at Washington University in St. Louis on break from school!

1/17/11 CRISTIN O’KEEFE APTOWICZ & SHAPPY SEASHOLTZ – Double Feature from New York Bowery Poetry Club Legends, National Poetry Slam Champions on tour from Philadelphia! Musical Guest: JAMES KEYES

1/24/11 – JADE SYLVAN – Boston Poet, Novelist and Burlesque Performer sheds her Madame Psychosis Alter Ego for a return poetry feature. Musical Guest KIM JENNINGS

1/31/11 – JAY WALKER – Poet, Actor, Organizer and 48 Hour Film Project Producer from Providence, Rhode Island. Musical Guest DALLAS HIGGINS from Fore Does Me Quite & Surrounding Ships fame. Visual Artist ASHLEY TUCKER.

2/7/11 – CASEY ROCHETEAU – Ex-Hampshire College Poetry Slam Collective Organizer, currently poets in Boston and around the country.Musical Guest NATHAN KAY, Michigan Loop Pedal Master on tour!

2/14/11 – SHANE HAWLEY – National Poetry Slam Semi Finalist and multiple St. Paul / Minneapolis Slam Team Vet on tour from the Twin Cities! Musical Guest LYDIA FORTUNE, Worcester Based Folk Scene Veteran & Siren!

2/21/11 – REGIE GIBSON – former National Poetry Slam Individual Champion, Author of “Storms Beneath the Skin“,  Musician and Educator from Chicago, by way of Boston.

2/28/11 – JENNIFER GIGANTINO – San Jose & Santa Cruz Poetry Slam Veteran on tour from California. Musical Guests: Experimental Indie Bands, BINARY MARKETING SHOW & LUSCIOUS on tour from New York!

3/7/11 – KIM JOHNSON – Multiple National Poetry Slam Rep, 2010 IWPS Finalist on tour from San Jose, California. Musical Guest SHANE HALL & HAZARDOUS WASTE, emcees tour kick-off!

3/14/11 – SEAN SHEA – former National Poetry Slam Champion and current Worcester ranting resident extraordinaire, bringing the irreverent funny! Musical Guest DANIELLE STAPLES Plus IRON POET PRELIM #2

3/21/11 – BREAK A BRANCH OFF THE CRAZY TREE & BEAT YOUR D@#$ TO DEATH WITH IT” Tour – Mad Man SHANE HALL is returning from his Hip Hop Odyssey to Austin’s SXSW Showcase with tour mates JESSE DANGEROUSLY, rap legend from Halifax Nova Scotia and HAZARDOUS WASTE from Boston. Musical guest CHRIS MacNAMARA from Sound in Stone Fame! Plus  IRON POET PRELIM #3

3/28/11 – ADAM STONE – Cagey, exuberantly literate, often published poetry slam veteran, bar-keep at world famous Cantab Lounge and all around word beast pays us a visit! Musical Guest: JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL Plus IRON POET Prelim #4

4/4/11 –  DANE KUTTLER – Former Hampshire College Collective Poet, now Seattle Based Writer, Educator and Activist on tour. Musical Guest: DANGEROUS PONIES indie dance rockers from Philadelphia. Plus! IRON POET Tournament Semifinals.

4/11/11 – BILLY TUGGLE – Chicago Illinois Slam Team Veteran, Poet and Hip-Hop-ologist on tour from the Windy City! Musical Guest: local acoustic singer songwriter MIKE K. Plus Iron Poet Championship, Tourney Winner vs. Bill McMillan!

4/18/11 – MELISSA WORSTER – of the Worcester Worsters, Creator of the Underground Station House Show Series, Dirty Gerund Booster and Open Mic Maven has been grinding, good words and work and bringing a huge show to the Worcester Poetry Landscape! – MUSICAL GUEST: Local one Man Band, PRETTY DARLING

4/25/11 – VICTOR INFANTE – SoCal ex-patriot writer, author, editor, (news and literary), residing in Worcester. Musical Guest: – One Woman Band THE SNEAKY MISTER from Boston.

5/2/11 – DAVID PEREZ – San Jose Slam Poetry Veteran and newest Write Bloody Published Author on a national tour! Musical Guest: Portland Main singer songwriter and Greg’s puppa BOB McKILLOP.

5/9/11 – MARC MARCEL – passionate traveling troubadour coming through for a return engagement. Novelist, professional spoken word performer from Baltimore, MD.

5/16/11 – SAM TEITEL – Manchester, New Hampshire “Slam Free or Die” Poet and Organizer celebrates the release of his first full length book, Survive Survive Survive (Bicycle Comics Press). Musical Guest MATT FOX, bonus ruckus, “Iron Poet Qualifier”.

5/23/11 – GREG BRISENDINE – Seattle Poetry Slam Veteran on a national tour! MUSICAL GUEST JERRY FELLS.

5/30/11 – Special Upstairs Show! Providence Activist, Poet, Emcee, PFA frontman JARED PAUL, Double Musical Guest 2010 Providence Phoenix Best New Musical Act, PRAYERS FOR ATHEISTS CD Release! w/ special tour guests Rochester New York’s Hip Hop Band PEOPLE WITH TEETH!!!

6/6/11 – BEAU WILLIAMS – 2011 Manchester Slam Free or Die Team Member, poet and Zion Hill Poetry Series Organizer paying a visit. Musical Guest TOREBA SPACEDRIFT

6/13/11 – TARA SKURTU – Award winning poet & writer from Boston!

6/20/11 – JOHN DERVISHIAN – local author, beloved Poetry Cove Poet brings his irascible, contagiously funny, raw work to our stage.

6/27/11 – CAROLINE HARVEY – Nationally Acclaimed Slam Poetry Veteran, Published Poet, Berklee College of Music Artist in Residence, Yoga master visiting from Boston!

7/4/11 – WORCESTER YOUTH POETRY STARS OF THE PAST – former members of the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam will be performing to help raise funds for this years 2011 Worcester Team, heading to San Francisco July 20th!

7/11/11 – LEWIS MORRIS – Ex-Providence Youth Poetry Slam Star and current MASS College of ART show organizer, poet, filmmaker and music producer! MUSICAL GUEST: LIGHT UP NANCY

7/18/11 – CHRISTIAN DRAKE – National Poetry Slam Veteran from Hampshire College, Washington DC, Berkeley California and most recently ALBUQUERQUE in town pre NPS! MUSICAL GUEST STILLBORN IDENTITY, Hip Hop from Pittsburgh, PA

7/25/11 – 2011 WORCESTER POETRY SLAM TEAM – Brandi MacDonald, Bobby Gibbs, Liz Heath and Bill MacMillan will be joining forces with teammate and DG co-host Alex Charalambides to present multi-voice poems and indie favorites that they’ll be bringing to the National Poetry Slam in Boston this August! MUSICAL GUEST: WATCH ME BURN

8/1/11 – JIM CARROLL TRIBUTE NIGHT – Famous NYC “Basketball Diaries” Poet & Writer passed away close to two years ago. The CATHOLIC BOYS (featuring Worcester Music Scene Luminaries Duncan Arsenault, Roger Lavallee, Ron Mominee, Scott Ricciuti, John Vanderpool) played with Jim, who also made a post punk name for himself with the Jim Carroll Band! When he played in Worcester, these guys backed him. Alex Charalambides will be covering some of the tunes and some local poets will be tapped to read Carrol Poems in a special showcase!

8/8/11 – LAURA YES YES – Write  Bloody Author and Current Chicago Poet will be visiting us for a pre-National Poetry Slam Party! MUSICAL GUEST: HAPPY LITTLE CLOUDS

8/15/11 – PAULIE LIPMAN – Denver Mercury Poetry Slam Team Member and road warrior will be returning to town after NPS! MUSICAL GUEST: JEREMY CARNRIKE

8/22/11 – SETH WALKER – Constant road warrior performance poet makes a stop on his endless travels. MUSICAL GUEST: JUST SAYIN’

8/29/11 Providence Rhode Island Hip Hop / Shakespearean Enthusiast / Spoken Word Poet RUDY RUDACIOUS CABRERA! MUSICAL GUEST: MIKE ANDREOLI

9/5/11 – Boston Poet STEVE SUBRIZI. MUSICAL GUEST: Crazy Exes From Hell

9/12/11 – Iron Poet Champion & 2011 Worcester Indie World Poetry Slam Representative BOBBY GIBBS! MUSICAL GUEST: Indie Rockers The RANDOS from Boston.

9/19/11 – New Hampshire Pediatrician, Poet & Rising Spoken Word Star, HANNAH GALVIN. Musical Guest: Dave Magario.  Bonus Ruckus: Iron Poet Qualifier “Swenson vs Capogrossi”

9/26/11 – 2011 Women of World & National Poetry Slam Finalist FRANNY CHOI from Providence RI. MUSICAL GUEST: Franky Hurricane

10/3/11- New York City Slam Poet EBONI HOGAN on tour! Japanese Emcee KAIGEN!

10/10/11 – 2008 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champ & Write Bloody Author ANDREA GIBSON from Denver! MUSICAL GUEST: Spider Cider – Boston hip hop group featuring an upright bassist, jazz drummer, and EMCEE)

10/17/11 – Newest Worcester Resident Poet QAADIR WILLIAMS aka Q! Musical Guest FOLKLORE from Manchester, NH.

10/24/11 – Washington DC Beltway Slam Team / 2011 NPS Semi Finalist JOSEPH GREEN on tour! MUSICAL GUEST: Crunk Witch

10/31/11- Halloween Party w/ local macabre poet  SUSSURUS DIN book release! MUSICAL GUEST: Vuvuzela

11/7/11- Providence Poetry Slam Team Member & 2011 NPS Finalist LAURA BROWN LAVOIE! MUSICAL GUEST: Adam Warrock & Shane Hall

11/14/11 – Boston Cantab Lounge & Former Emerson College Poetry Slam Star CARLOS WILLIAMS! MUSICAL GUEST:Laura Dunn and The Ghosts of Xmas Past

11/21/11 – 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion LUCIFURY from Denver Slam Nuba on Tour! MUSICAL GUEST:Leon Legacy(

11/28/11 – MEGAN THOMA Providence Poetry Slam Star & YOUR NEW MISS DIRTY GERUND 2011 Pageant Winner!! MUSICAL GUEST: Tom Inhaler

12/5/11 – Portland Slam Poet & NPS Semi-Finalist WIL GIBSON plus MUSICAL GUEST: Dreamzoo (

12/12/11 – One of our favorites, MIGHTY MIKE McGEE returns from his new home in Portland Oregon. Musical Guest: DREAMZOO

12/19/11 –  Alex’s Birthday Bash w/ MASS L.E.A.P. COLLECTIVE – Youth Activist Poets working to create first ever “Louder than a Bomb” Mass Youth Festival – MUSICAL GUEST: Peet (

12/26/11 – TAWNY POWELL – Worcester Native, current Atlanta poet returning home for the holidays with a new chapbook!

1/2/12 – Home town rising star NANA from the popular monthly Poetry Cove Series. MUSICAL GUEST Little War Twins (

1/9/12 – Ann Arbor, Michigan Poet & Educator SCOTT BEAL on tour! MUSICAL GUEST: Jade Sylvan/SFTD CD Release (

1/16/12 – New Hampshire Poet, 2011 Lowell Slam Team Member & Recent Jus Words Worcester Invitational Slam Champ, AYANNA GALLANT pays us a visit. Musical Guest – Boston Emcee HW (aka Hazardous Wastes).

1/23/12 – NYC Intangible Slam Collective Poet & New Write Bloody Author MEGAN FALLEY on tour! Musical Guest: The Dubber (

1/30/12 – Austin Texas Neo Soul Poetry Slam Star JOE BRUNDIDGE on a national tour! MUSICAL GUEST: Rich People Food (

2/6/12 – WILLIAM JAMES – Pittsburgh “Steel City Slam” Poet on tour! MUSICAL GUEST: Mighty Tiny  (

2/13/12 – Poetry Legend & Rock Star Hearthrob JAMES CAROLINE from Boston! MUSICAL GUEST: The Hipswayers

2/20/12 – NYC Poet CAROLINE ROTHSTEIN on tour! Double Musical Guest: Berklee Acoustic Phenom JORDAN CASTY & Brooklyn Alternative Violin Virtuoso JOEY MOLINARO!

2/27/12 – Boston Lizard Lounge Juggernaut HARLYM 125! Musical Guest: DG pal & former TBO drummer, Brian Del Signore CD Release Party!

3/5/12 – Worcester Slam Poetry Pioneer BILL MacMILLAN! Electro Rockers EVERY OTHER COUNTRY!

3/12/12 – Poet TBA. MUSICAL GUEST: Clara Engel (NYC folk indie) w/ Valerie (cello player from Dream Zoo).

3/19/12 – Former Bay Area / Current Portland OR Slam Poet STEPHEN MEADS on tour!

3/26/12 – NICK’s BIRTHDAY BASH! Former Detroit Poetry Slam Champ, Cave Canem Fellow JAMAAL (Versiz) MAY making the return visit.

4/2/12 – 2011 Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team Member & Globe-Trotting Poet CARRIE RUDZINSKI!

4/9/12 -Double Feature from Portland ME Poets TINA “T-Money” SMITH & SARAH HERKLOTS on tour.

4/16/12 -Worcester Slam Veteran & Write Bloody Anthologized Zombie Poet DAVE MACPHERSON.

4/23/12 – New England Performance Poetry Legend RYK McINTYRE returns from Providence!

4/30/12 – Chicago Poet EMILY ROSE on tour!

5/7/12 – Portland ME Poetry Slam Champion, Teacher and Punk Rocker RYAN MacLELLAN on tour! Musical Guest: Local Singer Songwriter JARED GOING.

5/14/12 – Local Word Ninja & Community Activist, LIZ SWENSON! Musical Guest: LA based indie art rapper ADDER.

5/21/12 – New York / New Jersey Funny Man, Poet & Nerd JAMIE MARTIN on tour. Musical Guest: THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW from Boston!

5/28/12 – Memorial Day Madness w/ local punk rocker / hip hopper anti-poet ASLAN KING! Musical Guest: Kirsten Lamb, singer / stand-up bassist from Boston’s Spider Cider! Bonus Ruckus: Sarah St. George’s Baby Shower Haiku Name Proposal Challenge!

6/4/12 – Local Renaissance Man & Little “a” Poetry Reading Host Cowboy MATTHEW HOPEWELL features! Musical guest: THE DENVER BOOT!

6/11/12 – DIRTY GERUND INVENTOR & Worcester Performance Poetry Legend RUSHELLE FRAZIER pays a visit!

6/18/12 – Double Feature Amazing-ness! Oklahoma City Performance Poet & New Write Bloody Published Author LAUREN ZUNIGA on tour! Plus old Dirty Gerund Friend, New England Performance Vet & 2012 Vancouver BC Slam Team Member ERICH HAGAN returns!

6/25/12 – 2011 Providence Poetry Slam Star & current Chicago Poet JAMILA WOODS on tour! Musical guest & spotlight poetry by South Carolina Tour-Mates JON “SILDAG” STARINO & The DUBBER!

7/2/12 – DG Fun Raiser featuring humble host HAIRYLAMB! Musical Guest GAELLE ROBIN from Portland, ME. Iron Poet Qualifier!

7/9/12 – Write Bloody Publishing Finalist MEAGHAN FORD from Boston. Musical Guest: SWEET STREET SYMPHONY on tour from New Orleans!

7/16/12 – 2012 Lowell Slam Team Member ZEKE RUSSELL. Musical Guests VALERIE KUEHNE & JOEY MOLINARO from Brooklyn.

7/23/12 – Boston University Poetry Organizer and 2012 Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team Member KEMI ALABI!

7/30/12 – Touring Canadian Performance Poetry Power Duo DEATH BY PEDESTRIAN

8/6/12 – Former Worcester Youth Slam Star & Clark University Poetry Slam Co-Chair ERIC DEVENNEY is now 21!

8/13/12 – New Hampshire (by way of Maine) Slam Poet BEAU WILLIAMS returns!

8/20/12 – Former Syracuse, current Philadelphia Poet JANE CASSADY celebrates a book release party!

8/27/12 – Ex-Dirty Gerund Musical Director, Emcee, Outlaw Country Folk Band Man and Bananarchist SHANE HALL!

9/3/12 – Worcester Performance Poetry Legend, JONATHAN WOLF!

9/10/12 – Columbus Ohio Performance Poet, ELLIE WHITE on first national tour!

9/17/12 – Baltimore Based Troubador, MARC MARCEL making his third return Gerund trip!

9/24/12 – DIRTY GERUND 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA! Special guests! Miss Dirty Gerund Pageant!

10/1/12 – Portland, Maine Poet & Manchester NH Slam Team Member, HEIDI THIERREN!

10/8/12 – JOHN “SURVIVOR” BLAKE returns on tour from Richmond, VA.

10/15/12 – 2012 Portland Oregon Poetry Slam Team Members ROBYN BATEMAN & MEG WALDRON on national tour!

10/22/12 – BU Professor, University of Pittsburgh Published Author NICOLE TEREZ DUTTON from Boston!

10/29/12 – Hurricane Party – Extended Open Mic!

11/5/12 – Ex-Youth Poetry Slam Star, Emcee & Current Rep at 2012 Indie World Slam Tournament GEORGE “G” YAMAZAWA from Durham, North Carolina!

11/12/12 – Indie World Poetry Slam Champion & DC/BALTIMORE Performance Veteran CHRIS AUGUST on tour!

11/19/12 – 2012 Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team Member PORSHA O from Boston!

11/26/12 – Poet, Emcee, Singer Songwriter, All Around Renaissance Woman JADE SYLVAN returns for her third feature!

12/3/12 – Multiple Manchester Poetry Slam Team Member SAM TEITEL book release!

12/10/12 – 2 Time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion and former Worcester Resident, MIGHTY MIKE McGEE returns for a visit!

12/17/12 – Recent Sarah Lawrence Grad, Former Iron Poet Champ & Miss Dirty Gerund JACKIE MORRILL back to feature!

12/24/12 – Christmas Eve Extended OPEN MIC & SANTA WATCH PARTY!


1/7/13 – Spotlight Feature from Portland Oregon Poet, RACHEL ROSENBERG

1/14/13 – Return visit from 3 time Gerund Feature & Poetry Slam Legend RYK McINTYRE!

1/21/13 – Former Vancouver Poetry Slam Star & Current Montreal Performance Poet LUCIA MISCH!

1/28/13 – Emcee, Poet, Teaching Artist and Activist SOFIA SNOW from Boston!

2/4/13 – Former Worcester Poetry Slam Star & current host of Northampton Poetry Series, CRAIG NELSON. 

2/11/13 – VICTOR INFANTE birthday celebration, book release & special appearance by musical guest JAMES KEYES

2/18/13 – McKENDY FILS AIME returns from Manchester New Hampshire! 2012 Boston Cantab Grand Slam Champion!

2/25/13 – CASSIE CLARKE – Boston Poet, Teaching Artist, Recent College Grad and member of LOWELL 2012 NATIONAL POETRY SLAM TEAM!

3/1/13 – UPSTAIRS RALPHS “FIRST FRIDAY RESIDENCY KICKOFF” w/ DUENDE Project full band debut! Iron Poet Championship Grudge Match! Plus more TBA

3/4/13 – CASSIE J. SNEIDER and NICOLE J. GEORGES – co-feature by two traveling critically acclaimed comedienne / writers / renaissance women!

3/11/13 – HOUSTON HUGHES – performance poet on tour form Fayetville Arkansas!

3/18/13 – GAY PRIDE POETRY TOUR w/ San Francisco Bay Area Stars SAM SAX & CAM AWKWARD-RICH. 

3/25/13 – NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS features on his birfday!

4/1/13 – Manchester New Hampshire Poetry Slammer MATTHEW RICHARDS

4/8/13 – ARTIE MOFFA – former Boston Cantab Doorman, Limericist, Bicycle Comics Press Publisher & all around great poetry man is in town from San Francisco!

4/15/13 – NANCY SCHOENEWOLF – DG pal and new host of Got Poetry in Providence Rhode Island!

4/22/13 – Australian Invasion begins with Aussie Touring Poet ANDREW GALAN.

4/29/13 – Australian Invasion continues with Aussie Touring Poet CANDY ROYALE

5/6/13 – Award Winning, Mutli Book Having, National Poetry Slam Champion & raddest mom ever, RACHEL McKIBBENS returns to our stage!

5/13/13 – 2013 Boston Poetry Slam Team Member NORA MEINERS featuring in Worcester for the first time!

5/20/13 – GARY HOARE – Worcester Poetry Slam Vet and Funny Funny Man!

5/27/13 – DEONTE OSAYANDE Slam Poetry Veteran from Detroit Michigan!

6/3/13 – CHRIS LEJA & WILLIAM STANFORD KNUDSON from Portland Oregon!

6/10/13 – LISA SLATER – Vancouver Poetry Slam Veteran on tour!

6/17/13 – HEATHER MacPHERSON – local teacher, poet and founder Ballard Street Poetry Journal.

6/24/13 – DIRTY GERUND celebrates our 200th show!

7/1/13 – DEVIN SAMUELS – 2013 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member and Founder of UConn’s Poetic Release.

7/5/13 – “First Friday Ruckus Review” w/ musical guest SHIRA E (on tour from Brooklyn) JEFF CANNON as Uncle Sam, plus Games and Ruckus from “Dump ‘Em Out” Productions!

7/8/13 – SAMANTHA LEE LIBBY – Former Boston Cantab Slam Team Vet and Professor at Nichols College

7/15/13 – JOHN HODGEN – University of Pittsburgh Press Author and Professor at Assumption College.

7/22/13 – Talented local poetry upstart AHNNAH GALLAGHER!

7/29/13 – Former DG Musical Director & Portland Poet, GREGORY McKILLOP!

8/2/13 – “First Friday Ruckus Review” w/ Poetry Decathalon from 2013 Worcester Poetry Slam Team.

8/5/13 – Manchest New Hampshire Poet CHRISTOPHER CLAUSS

8/12/13 – 2013 Worcester Slam Team sendoff feature.

8/19/13 – BRANDO CHEMTRAILS – on tour from Denver, 2011 National Poetry Slam Nuba Team Member.

8/26/13 – JUSTIN LAMB – Connecticut Native, current 2013 New Orleans Poetry Slam Team Member on tour!

9/2/13 – STEVE SUBRIZI – former Boston Cantab & Emerson College Poetry Slam Team Veteran, musician and half of the “Crazy Exes from Hell” – new musical solo CD release!

6/3/13 – CHRIS LEJA & WILLIAM STANFORD KNUDSON from Portland Oregon!

6/10/13 – LISA SLATER – Vancouver Poetry Slam Veteran on tour!

6/17/13 – HEATHER MacPHERSON – local teacher, poet and founder Ballard Street Poetry Journal.

6/24/13 – DIRTY GERUND celebrates our 200th show!

7/1/13 – DEVIN SAMUELS – 2013 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member and Founder of UConn’s Poetic Release.

7/5/13 – “First Friday Ruckus Review” w/ musical guest SHIRA E (on tour from Brooklyn) JEFF CANNON as Uncle Sam, plus Games and Ruckus from “Dump ‘Em Out” Productions!

7/8/13 – SAMANTHA LEE LIBBY – Former Boston Cantab Slam Team Vet and Professor at Nichols College

7/15/13 – JOHN HODGEN – University of Pittsburgh Press Author and Professor at Assumption College.

7/22/13 – TBA

7/29/13 – TBA

8/2/13 – “First Friday Ruckus Review” w/ Poetry Decathalon from 2013 Worcester Poetry Slam Team.

8/5/13 – TBA

8/12/13 – TBA

8/19/13 – BRANDO CHEMTRAILS – on tour from Denver, 2011 National Poetry Slam Nuba Team Member.

8/26/13 – JUSTIN LAMB – Connecticut Native, current 2013 New Orleans Poetry Slam Team Member on tour!

9/2/13 – STEVE SUBRIZI – former Boston Cantab & Emerson College Poetry Slam Team Veteran, musician and half of the “Crazy Exes from Hell” – new musical solo CD release!

9/9/13 – JEREMY RADIN – Actor, Poet & Write Bloody Author on tour from Los Angeles!

9/16/13 – INDIGO BETHEA – Providence Poet, Social Anthropologist and good friend from Got Poetry Live Community!

9/23/13 – Dirty Gerund Open $50 Cash Poetry Slam!

9/30/13 – ROBBIE Q. TELFER – Plant Blogger, Write Bloody Author, Teaching Artist, Poet and Inventor of the Encyclopedia Show on tour!

10/7/13 – $50 Cash Poetry Slam

10/14/13 – oh my! 2004 Worcester Poetry Slam Team Member, the infamous, loquacious, cosmically gifted MORRIS STEGASOROUS returns to the scene!

10/21/13 – LARRY JAFFE – Souther California Performance Poetry Legend.

10/28/13 – Dead Poets POETRY SLAM

11/4/13 – Portland Oregon Poets EIREEN BRADLEY and LEAH NOBLE DAVIDSON on tour!

11/11/13 – DG Bestie, JADE SYLVAN – Worcester book release party for her newest, Kissing Oscar Wilde on Write Bloody Books!

11/18/13 – BENJAMIN BARKER – Salt Lake City Poetry Slam Team Member on Tour

11/25/13 – KAYLA WHEELER – Manchester New Hampshire Slam Team Member featuring for the first time in Worcester!

12/2/13 – Clark University Poetry Slam Club members ZOE RITTER, JOHN PRESTON & CLAIRE McDONALD.

12/9/13 – Providence Poet, Emcee, Punk Rocker & Activist Legend JARED PAUL with new spoken word CD Release Party!

12/16/13 – Local Author, Teacher MICHAEL FISHER book release party.

12/23/13 – Holiday & Alex Charalambides BIRTHDAY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!

12/30/13 – New Year’s Eve’s Eve Resolution Poetry Slam!

1/6/14 – BEAU WILLIAMS from Portland Maine!

1/13/14 – JASON HENRY SIMON BIERENBAUM – ex youth slam champ from Philly, Brandeis Poetry Slam Founder and Mass LEAP teaching artist from Boston!

1/20/14 – Emerson College & Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Star BOBBY CRAWFORD!

1/27/14 – Lizard Lounge Boston Poetry Slam Team Star JANAE JOHNSON!

2/3/14 – LAURA LAMB BROWN LAVOIE – Providence Poetry Slam Star and our favorite urban gardener visits us once again!

2/10/14 – Local Legend, Dark Matter Blogger & Duende Project Front-Man TONY BROWN!

2/17/14 – Ex Boston Youth Slammer, Boston Poet and Teaching Artist TU ANH PHAN!

2/24/14 – RYK McINTYRE – National Poetry Slam Legend from Providence. New Book Release Party!

3/3/14 – HOLD

3/10/14 – Miss Dirty Gerund, Iron Poet Champ & Worcester Slam Star JENITH CHARPENTIER!

3/17/14 – PETER STOREY – poet improv theater performer from NYC.

3/24/14 – Amethyst Arsenic Journal Editor & Southboro Poet SAMANTHA MILOWSKY! Special musical guest, Samantha again as ANDA VOLLEY!

3/31/14 – National Poetry Slam Champion, Write Bloody Author KHARY JACKSON from St. Paul Minnesota!

4/7/14 – Providence Phenom MUGGS FOGARTY. Musical guests ADAM TRUDEL & KALA FARNHAM. Simile Challenge!

4/14/14 – 2013 Worcester Slam Team vet SARAH SAPIENZA. House band led by GEOFF OEHLING. Iron Poet Qualifier

4/21/14 – Worcester based emcee DANNY FANTOM VELAZQUEZ. Music by the VANGUARD. Prose Cuddle Challenge.

4/28/14 – Wheelock College Flatline Troupe Performance Poet & Teaching Artist LISSA PIERCY. Emily Dickinson on Helium Challenge!

5/5/14 – Poet, Funny Man & local grocer legend JOE FUSCO JR. House band by JEFF BELLEMER and “Laureate or Worcester Poet or Both?” Guess Challenge!

5/12/14 – 2014 Cantab Slam Team Member MELISSA NEWMAN EVANS. House band by TRUDEL & FARNHAM. Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “DAVIS vs. CLAUSS”

5/19/14 – Poetry Slam DG Style. $50 cash prize! House band by GEOFF OEHLING.

5/26/14 – National Slam Veteran & 2014 Boston Cantab Slam Team Member SEAN PATRICK MULROY! House band MOLLY & THE ADAMS.

6/2/14 – Write Bloody Author FRANNY CHOI from Providence!

6/9/14 – Emerson Poetry Project & Boston Cantab Slam alum MAYA PHILLIPS!

6/16/14 – MassART Poetry Alliance Organizer & Flat-Line Poetry Collective Performer KALEIGH HEINHOLD. House band by MOLLY & THE ADAMS.

6/23/14 – Providence Poetry Slam Grand Champ & Emcee MARSHALL GRIP GILLSON

6/30/14 – SoCal Poet & Write Bloody Author BRENDAN CONSTANTINE on tour!

7/7/14 – Columbus Ohio Poetry Slam Star WILLIAMS EVANS!

7/14/14 – Young Boston Upstart & Verbal Acrobat TRU KWENE first feature!

7/21/14 – 2014 Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team!

7/28/14 – D.R.C. Emcees from Brockton!

8/4/14 – Dirty Gerund Inventor & Worcester Slam Vet RUSHELLE FRAZIER vists us from Tennessee!

8/11/14 – Former IRON POET Champ and Slam Veteran ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS

8/18/14 – Former DG House Band Leader, Emcee & Bananarchist SHANE HALL

8/25/14 – First ever SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM Qualifier for 2015 Worcester Poetry Slam Team!

9/1/14 – DG Co-organizer, poet & showman NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS

9/8/14 – Lowell Slam Founder, FreeVERSE! teaching artist, youth organizer and all around awesome factory ANTHONY FEBO from Lowell!

9/15/14 – Flatline Poetry Troupe Co-Founder, spoken word artist and emcee LEWIS MORRIS with a CD release! 5 year Dirty Gerund Poetry Show Anniversary will also feature the annual MISS DIRTY GERUND PEGEANT!

9/22/14 – BEAU WILLIAMS book release from Portland, Maine!

9/29/14 – Portland Maine 2013 Rhythmic Cypher Slam Team Member & Moon Pie Press Author ROBIN MERRILL

10/6/14 – Award winning author & Poetry Slam Champion RACHEL McKIBBENS returns from Upsate New York!

10/13/14 – Boston poet, emcee, audio guru and raconteur ERICH HAGAN for the return win!

10/20/14 – CLINT SMITH – 2014 National Poetry Slam Champion from DC Baltimore Beltway Slam

10/27/14 – Chicago Poet, Educator, & current Harvard Doctoral Candidate EVE EWING visits from Boston!

11/3/14 – CHERYL MADDELENA on tour from Boise, Idaho!

11/10/14 – BARAKA NOEL, poet, emcee & comedian from San Fran / Bay Area!

11/17/14 – SAM CHA – Boston based poet, author & Academy of American Poets Prize Winner.

11/24/14 – COWBOY MATTHEW HOPEWELL – Dirty Gerund celebrates the new album, “Welcome to the Future”!

12/1/14 – SAM RUSH from Portland Maine. 

12/8/14 – Two time indie slam champion, Write Bloody Author & globe trotting hero MIGHTY MIKE McGEE returns to Worcester!

12/15/14 – HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB – Columbus Ohio Page & Stage Poet & Editor visiting from New Haven CT!

12/22/14 – ALEX CHARALAMBIDES birthday jam! Holiday Hijinx! ***(super special guest)***

12/29/14 – Worcester Poet’s Asylum Co-Founder, Slam Legend & Armor Refurbisher REV BILL MacMILLAN in a special birthday / retirement feature for all art work (including poetry) he’s ever created! Starting fresh!

1/5/15 – ERIK ANDRADE, poet, emcee and youth activist from New Bedford, Mass.

1/12/15 – PAGES MATAM – Write Bloody Author, 2014 National Poetry Slam Champion from DC Beltway Slam!

1/19/15 – ADRIENNE NADEAU from Chicago.

1/26/15 – JASON CARNEY, Poetry Slam Legend, Author & Educator from Dallas, Texas. (cancelled due to snow)

2/2/15 – ASTRID DREW, organizer, activist and 2014 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member. (cancelled due to snow, rescheduling)

2/9/15 – CHANEL DUPREE from 2014 NYC Louder Arts Poetry Slam Team. (cancelled due to snow, rescheduling)

2/16/15 – JONATHAN WOLF, Worcester Slam Vet & local hacker legend.

2/23/15 – ASHLEY DEYJ, award winning Worcester Emcee & Spoken Word Artist.

3/2/15 – DOC LUBEN from Portland Oregon.

3/9/15 – ADAM GOTTLIEB – Chicago Poet, Musician, Activist and one of the principle subjects of the Louder than a Bomb Documentary.

3/16/15 – EMILY O’NEILL Boston Poet with Worcester Book Release for Pelican being released by Yes Yes Books.

3/23/15 – NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS birthday roast!

3/30/15 –RICKY ORNG, poet, teaching artist and mentor from FreeVerse! Lowell Poetry Collective.

4/6/15 – EDWARD “D. RUFF” BRYANT, poet, teaching artist & co-host of “Feel It, Speak It,” Open Mic Series in Jamaica Plain.

4/13/15 – ASTRID DREW – 2014 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member.

4/20/15 – RUSHELLE FRAZIER – creator of the Dirty Gerund name, Worcester legend, back in town after ex-pat living in Georgia and Tennessee!

4/27/15 – JASON CARNEY – rescheduled, Dallas Texas Poetry Slam Legend, HBO Def Poet on book tour to support memoir “Starve the Vulture.”

5/4/15 – CASH POETRY SLAM – prizes for top 4 placers. 

5/11/15 – JOSH KALSCHEUR from Madison WI, Author of Tidal, newly released on Four Way Books.

5/18/15 – SARAH Q. MORGAN – Write Bloody Press Author & Performance Poet from Philadelphia, PA

5/25/15 – ASHLEY WONDER – 7 Hills Slam Poetry Team Member!

6/1/15 – RYK McINTYRE – Poetry Slam Legend from Providence Rhode Island. Author of “After Everything Burns” Sargent Press.

6/8/15 – TOLONDA HENDERSON on tour from DC Baltimore Slam.

6/15/15 – 2015 Boston Cantab Slam Team Member SOPHIA HOLTZ!

6/22/15 – 2014 IWPS Slam Champion, House Slam Boston Slam Team Member PORSHA OLAYIWOLA!

6/29/15 – JASON BAYANI – Write Bloody Author & San Francisco Bay Area Slam Legend on tour!

7/6/15 – ROBERT LASHLEY – on tour from Bellingham, Washington!

7/13/15 – DG Local Variety Showcase. Comedy from KATIE “TAK” MOGUL, Music from EYE WITNESS.

7/20/15 – VATIC KUUMBA – 2014/2015 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member!

7/27/15 – Seven Hills Poetry Slam Team Fundraiser!

8/3/15 – OOMPA! Boston Poet, Emcee, Educator.

8/10/15 – ADAM GRABOWSKI, from Berkshires.

8/17/15 – CASSANDRA de ALBA, former Hampshire & Manchester Slam Team Member.

8/24/15 – SCOTT BEAL – Poet, Editor & Teacher from Ann Arbor Michigan!

8/31/15 –  BRIEF AWAKENING – Special Freak Folk Musical Guests from Asheville North Carolina.

9/7/15 – PAT ROSSI, poet, mom and show organizer from Providence, RI.

9/14/15 – DG 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with DUENDE PROJECT, Miss Dirty Gerund Pageant & More!

9/21/15 – MELISSA LOZADA-OLIVA, 2015 NPS Champion! From House Slam Boston!

9/28/15 – JARED PAUL Hip Hop CD Release Party from Providence Slam, Activist, Punk rock legend!

10/5/15 – CORRINA BAIN, former Worcesterite by way of Brooklyn, numerous slam team legend, on tour with a new full length book!

10/12/15 – RACHEL KANN, legendary slam poet, author, musician and organizer from Los Angeles California!

10/19/15 – RACHEL McKIBBENS, Small Doggie Press Author, Slam Champion, Poetry & Pie Night Curator, Workshop Witch and all around badass from Rochester NY.

10/26/15 – Indie Hip Hop Artists MILO (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) &            AL SAFARI (Los Angeles, CA) on tour!

11/2/15 – Finding Crossroads Tour featuring RACHEL CALLEJA and LORIN ELIZABETH, award winning spoken word poets from AUSTRALIA!

11/9/15 – CHANEL DUPREE, New York Urbana Slam Team Member from NYC!

11/16/15 – ETHAN SMITH, Berklee College of Music CUPSI team member, poet and teaching artist from Boston.

11/23/15 – EIREAN BRADLEY, University of Hell Author, Drunk in a Midnight Choir Editor, 2015 NPS Poetry Slam Finalist from Denver (by way of Portland, by way of Arizona) on national tour!

11/30/15 – EMILY EASTMAN, Slam Free of Die, Manchester New Hampshire Slam Team member & IWPS rep!

12/7/15 – DOUG ANDERSON, NEA Fellow, Pushcart Prize Winner, Barrow Street Press Poet, Fiction Writer & Memoirist.

12/14/15 – From Boston, JHA-D WILLIAMS, co-founder & co-host of “If You Feel It You Can Speak It” Poetry Series in Jamaica Plain!

12/21/15 – ALEX CHARALAMBIDES birthday bash w/ special guests!

12/28/15 – LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR FEST w. Guest Comedien DARIK SANTOS!

1/4/16 – C.R. AVERY, Slam Legend, Write Bloody Author & Musician from Vancouver, British Columbia.

1/11/16 – JONATHAN MENDOZA, LTAB MA alum, activist & member of Berklee College & House Slam Boston Poetry Slam Teams, 2015 NPS Champ!

1/18/16 – AMANDA TORRES, Mass LEAP Artistic Director, Poet, Singer, Teaching Artist & Light from Chicago!

1/25/16 – RUDY “RUDACIOUS” CABRERA, actor, emcee, former Lizard Lounge Boston Team Slammer, current finalist for NYC Nuyorican Slam Team!

2/1/16  – CESCHI rapper, musician from New Hanve CT.

2/8/16 – PAULIE LIPMAN, Denver Slam Legend, old DG friend & Troubador on tour!

2/15/16 – 7 Hills WOWPS Fundraiser for Worceser rep LULU HAWKES.

2/22/16 – McKENDY FILS-AIME from Manchester, NH

2/29/16 – ASHLEY DAVIS, House Slam Boston WOWPS representative

3/7/16 – ALAIN GINSBERG spoken word artist on tour from Baltimore, MD.

3/14/16 – WIL GIBSON Former Port Veritas Portland Slam Teamer returns to New England!

3/21/16 – NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS Birthday Bash! w/ music by EYE WITNESS & special guests!

3/28/16 – DEVIN SAMUELS – Providence & UConn Slam vet, book release & good bye party before he takes on a fellowship in Detroit!

4/4/16 – EMILY ROSE KAHN-SHEAHAN & BEN CLARK on tour from Chicago!

4/11/16 – MALT SCHLITZMAN, DG rucketeer of the year award winner & member of 2016 Seven Hills Slam Team

4/18/16 – PRINCESS MOON CHAN, originally from Lowell, currently Boston based poet & teaching artist celebrating release of new book on Bootstrap Press!

4/25/16 – ROSE M. SMITH, Poet, TedX Speaker & IT guru from Columbus Ohio!

5/2/16 – From LA, Pizza Pi Press Author JAYY DODD!

5/9/16 – BRITTENEY “BLACK ROSE” KAPRI from Chicago!

5/16/16 – CASSANDRA EUPHRAT WESTON, Youth Speaks & Harvard Slam Alum, Organizer, poet from Bay Area.

5/23/16 – House Slam Poet, Organizer, Teaching Artist JORDAN PETERSON

5/30/16 – Veterans for Peace Activist, Poet & Warrior Writer ERIC WASILESKI

6/6/16 – Worcester Youth Slam Alum TAYLOR LILJEGREN!

6/13/16 – CLIFF NOTEZ, musician, hip-hop producer, spoken word poet, youth arts mentor from Boston!

6/20/16 – JASMIN ROBERTS, 2 time Northampton Poetry Grand Slam Champ & Slam Team Member.

6/27/16 – HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB Columbus Ohio Poet, and Music / Cultural Journalist for MTV, ESPN!

7/4/16 – (7 Hills Poetry Slam Team Fund raiser)

7/11/16 – JR MAHUNG, Chicago Native, current Boston Cantab Co-Host & Slam Finalist!

7/18/16 – BRIEF AWAKENING, touring folk alt rock duo return from Asheville NC!

7/25/16 – VEDA LEONE & BRENDA SNYDER on tour!

8/1/16 – DEXTER GARCIA – Raw Arts Lynn (MA) poet & youth mentor.

8/8/16 – FORREST PROPER – Northampton Poetry Slam Co-Host.

8/15/16 – ANNA MEEHAN – Worcester Youth Slam Alum & Western Mass Poet, Chapbook release party.

8/22/16 – CATERED by EMILEE food truck fund raising launch party w/ musical guests RUUNE, CHA CHA CONNOR, LOVINA & SHANE HALL!


9/5/16 – Columbus (OH) Poet, Essayist & Organizer, SCOTT WOODS

9/12/16- Chicago Poet, Doctor in Education, Essayist, DR. EVE EWING!

9/19/16 – COLIN KILLICK – 2015 Seven Hills Slam Team Member!

9/26/16 – MOODIE BLACK  – Alt Hip Hop Act on National Tour,

10/3/16 – JULIE CIRA – alt-country-folk songster from Western MA

10/10/16 – PORSHA OLAYIWOLA – Boston House Slam Co-Founder, NPS & IWPS Champion & Teaching Artist!

10/17/16 – CHRYSANTHEMUM TRAN – 2016 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member!

10/24/16 – RACHEL KANN – from Los Angeles, California!

10/31/16 – HALLOWEEN w/ New England Slam Vets RYK McINTYRE & CHRISTIAN DRAKE

11/7/16 – 5 time feature club member, poet, musician and Whitehaus Family Record legend ERICH HAYGUN

11/14/16 – Berklee educator, poet & musican TIM HALL from Detroit!

11/21/16 – Providence Poetry Slam poet CHRYSANTHEMUM TRAN

11/28/16 – GABRIEL RAMIREZ from Brooklyn, NYC.

12/5/16 – Broken Pencil Press Publisher JEFF TAYLOR

12/12/16 – Boston House Slam Team Poet & Hipstory Recording Artist OOMP WILL

12/19/16 – LA Comedian DAVE CHILD

12/26/16 – Alex B-Day Bash w/ SARAH LOUISE FRENCH

Jan 2, 2017 – Long time Gerunder SARAH ST. GEORGE!

Jan 9th, 2017 – DC Poet, storyteller, FRANCISCO-LUIS WHITE

Jan 16th, 2017 – LIV McKEE, slam poet, WOWPS qualifier from Albany NY

Jan 23rd, 2017 – SAM RUSH, 2016 House Slam Team Boston, past Manchester poetry slam team member!

Jan 30th, 2017 – GLADYS HIDALGO, poet, organizer & youth mentor from Lynn, MA

Feb 6th, 2017 – Dirty Gerund Regular NIC JEAN – fund raiser for her trip to workshop with Chuck Pahlaniuk!

Feb 13th, 2017 – Poet TROY CUNIO from Orlando, Florida

Feb 20th, 2017 – Write Bloody Author, Muzzle Magazine Editor, Minnesota Book Finalist Hieu Minh Nguyen!

Feb 27th, 2017 – Uconn Slam vet, EMMANUAL OPPONG-YEBOAH from Boston.

March 6th, 2017 – DG regular, Clark grad, poet, actor ALEX McCOY

March 13th, 2017 – AMIN DREW LAW from Washington DC

March 20th, 2017 – DEONTE OSAYENDE from Detroit, Michigan

March 27th, 2017 – Western Mass poet JOSHUA STEWART

April 3rd, 2017 – ROBERT LASHLEY from Bellingham Washington!

April 10th 2017 – NORMY CHAPLIN, DG regular & author of 3 books!

April 17th, 2017 – Cash slam at the Gerund!

April 24th, 2017 – Northampton 2017 Grandslam Champ CATHERINE WEISS

May 1st, 2017 – HILLARY KOBERNIK from Chicago.

May 8th, 2017 – Arizona poet & organizer JOHN QUINONEZ

May 15th, 2017 – ZENAIDA PETERSON – 2017 Boston House Slam Team

May 22nd, 2017 – DG namesake & WCPA prez  RUSHELLE FRAZIER

May 29th, 2017 – Local hip hop from GHOST OF THE MACHINE & DEATH OVER SIMPLICITY

June 5th, 2017 – MissAnaSoL – Worcester poet & visual artist!

June 12th, 2017 – Chicago (by way of Boston) poet JR MAHUNG

June 19th, 2017 – Pizza Pi Press Author JONATHAN MENDOZA Worcester Book Release!

June 26th, 2017 – RAYCH JACKSON on tour from Chicago!

July 3rd, 2017 – DG regular, local poet, singer & author ALI ZAGAME

July 10th, 2017 – RYK McINTYRE from Providence, RI.

July 17th, 2017 – HipStory community record label returning from National Tour, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Music outta Boston!

July 24th – 2017 – Local singer songwriter ERIC FOURNIER

July 31st, 2017 – OLIVIA GATWOOD from ABQ New Mexico.

August 7th, 2017 – Local singer songwriter KELSEY ROSE

August 14th, 2017 – TARA JEAN BERNIER – Northampton Slam Master.

August 21st, 2017 – 2016 NPS Finalist SAM RUSH from House Slam

August 28th, 2017 – Upstate NY poet OLIVIA McKEE

September 4th, 2017 – DG 8 year Anniversary w/ MARTIN ESPADA & LAUREN MARIE SCHMIDT

September 11th, 2017 – Anthology Release Party for NUCLEAR IMPACT.

September 18th, 2017 – BRANDON ANTHONY MELENDEZ from Boston Cantab Slam Team

September 25th, 2017 – Poetry Power Duo ADOBO-FISH-SAUCE starring FEBO & RICKY ORNG

October 2nd, 2017 – Worcester Emcee LEON LEGACY

October 9th, 2017 – SoCal poet & Write Bloody Author PAUL SUNTUP

October 16th, 2017 – Boston Comics, REECE COTTON & NORA PANAHI

October 24th, 2017 – Rachel Kann from Los Angeles, CA

October 30th, 2017 – JELAL HUYLER from Northampton, MA *by way of Bay Area CA)

November 6th, 2017 – Boston Poet Book Release for DEXTER CASTRO

November 13th, 2017 – Write Bloody Author NICOLE HOMER from on tour.

November 20th, 2017 – Massachusetts poet TIM GAGER

November 27th, 2017 – HOLD

December 4th, 2017 – PAULIE LIPMAN on tour from Denver, CO.

December 11th, 2017 – HOLD

December 18th, 2017 – HOLD

December 25th, 2017 – Spend Holidays with ALEX CHARALAMBIDES & HIS POORLY PLACED BIRTHDAY

January 1st, 2018 – First Gerund of the year! Chapbook release for local poet JAKE KILLAY

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