That’s right, Worcester’s Award Winning Performance Poetry & Variety Show is willing and able to take it’s demented carnival act on the road! For close to three years, the Dirty Gerund’s been making a name for itself on the New England & National Scene, as a unique venue in which all the arts collaborate and thrive and celebrate together! Where else can you see performance poets jamming with improv musicians, open mic performers who bring comedy, song writing or beat boxing? Visual artists painting to the beat, watching their work turn into money by the end of the evening’s art auction? Where else can you see the “Emily Dickinson on Helium” Challenge? The “Iron Poet” Challenge? The “Holy Hot Sauce Sonnet” Challenge? The “Drunk Text or Poem” Game Show Challenge? We dance, cheer, open poetic chest valves and even throw an artsy culinary snack into the mix with it’s own theme song! ART should be celebrated. The ART of LIVING is tantamount! The Dirty Gerund is all about creating an open canvas, where all the community is welcome to strut their stuff and swag out!

Curators NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & ALEX CHARALAMBIDES have over 15 years of experience in the performance poetry and ruckus games! We’ll host the hell outta anything! We want to come to your college, house party, golf club or sewing circle! For the price of one overpaid, stuffy guest lecturer, we’ll bring a house band, snacks, and game shows that’ll spin you silly. Depending on your needs, we can hook up special guest poetry &/or music &/or visual arts features, or tap into your local community and spotlight your artistic stars! Either way, we welcome all folks to participate in a raucous open mic, enjoy a snack and generally get amped about the possibility of blending all this creativity together into a comprehensive demented cavalcade of awesome! Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Punk, Folk, Abstract? We don’t give a damn about labels. If you got the guts to share it with the world, we got the beer guts to shout about it! and DANCE!

For booking, please write us HERE

We are more than willing to work with you to bring a multi genre / multi media / multi faceted show. For example, we can bring musical acts from a wide selection of genres, or you can choose to spotlight a local artist to weave into our show. We are working at putting  together a comprehensive list of New England Based Friends and Touring Artists who we can include in a presentation, but we’re more than willing to work with local folks you may have in mind! Talk to us. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Word!

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