ALEX CHARALAMBIDES – HOST / CURATOR – Alex’s been performing poetry since fall of 2000. He’s repped Worcester, Boston & Providence at the National Poetry Slam. He’s founder & Director of the Speakout Youth Poetry Slam, mentoring teen poets. He’s a 2011 Worcester Arts Council Fellowship Grant Recipient. Currently he is the co-founder and Executive Director of Statewide Youth Lit Non Profit, Mass LEAP. He’s toured nationally, appeared on the PBS series Fetch, fronted a band called Skint, competed at the Individual World Poetry Slam, is a teaching artist, and manages the Dirty Gerund. Website, Booking, Co-Hosting. He’s older than most poets at the DG, but is young enough to not care all that much about it.  Email him HERE



DIRTY GERUND BAND – These musicians “take five” when you need ’em too, but on any given Monday, the Dirty Gerund continues to rock the intense poetry/music improv collaborations. The reason we’re able to do this is because the community wants it and we’ve been fortunate enough to have players who can bring it. The line-up changes from time to time, but lately, our power combo of JACOB LEEVAI (guitar), and AKIBA DAVIS (drums),  listen to the words and lay it down as only a great band can! Special shout outs to original TBO line-up SHANE HALL, BRIAN DELSIGNORE, JUSTIN BOWSE, ADAM TRUDELL & thanks to past house players BRIAN SAMPSON, CHUCK SHIMKUS, BEN DANIEL, MARTIN GOHARRY, TAYLOR BENOIT, LARRY WILSON, DERRICK MEADE, MATT CORREA, ALEX THORSEN, ANDREW ROBINSON, KEVIN SANAVAGE, MARK LEIGHTON and too many others to count. 

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4 Responses to “RUCKUS STAFF”

  1. […] Artist & Snack Time to be determined! Visit the Ruckus Staff Page and contact Aaron (Arts) of Emilee (Culinary) to be considered. A HUGE RUCKUSY THANKS TO TAYLOR […]

  2. Anthony kENT Says:

    can I get into raplhs tonight if I am under 21 but have a wristband or an x???

  3. […] Talk to Aaron if you want to paint the lights fantastic! Need help finding them, head over to our RUCKUS STAFF PAGE for links to email addresses and whatnot! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS misses you already. I’ve used […]

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