here are some excellent links for more poetry or things poetic – a newly formed collective of spoken word & performance poetry venues in Worcester, looking to collaborate on spreading the words! – the flagship poetry slam & longest running performance poetry series in Worcester. lots of great info on everything poetry related in New England. Tons of links & pictures. – home of the world famous Boston Cantab Lounge Poetry Slam! Totally revamped and amped for power!!!! – home site of co-host Alex Charalambides (hairy… lamb… babies? get it?) – Mike’s a championship winnin’, amazingly funny, all around awesome performance poet who tours regularly, hails from San Jose, but currently makes his home RIGHT HERE IN WORCESTER!!! – One of the top indie poetry presses around, providing a publishing home for a lot of great spoken word / slam poets, including local favorites Victor Infante, Lea Descehnes & Mike McGee. – our home venue! lots of great music throughout the week – check out their schedule, support the spot that supports us! – great source for all things cultural & artistic in Worcester! – AMAZING festival organization looking to promote artistic events throughout Worcester! – Find out about how to bring spoken word / performance poetry into the schools of Massachusetts! This collective is the youth programming arm for Mass Poetry Outreach Project and Producers of the Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts Youth Poetry Slam Festival!

One Response to “COOL LINKS”

  1. Hey !

    I was just watching some Photos, when i was entering with my name.
    Very interesting. Dirty Gerund !!
    The Gerund is more than grammar.
    Probably this family was hunted in France in 17th Century from the king because of their Religion.
    As well in France they call it Gérondif in Germany Gerundium.

    Another King in the eastern Part of Europe, i think Brandenburg,
    invited them to his State, because most of them were Hugenots and cause of their religion very good craftmen.
    Some of them were going to the U.S.A..
    A lot of them were settling in the U.S. because of their different
    religious Thoughts.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    My name is Ralf Gerund but I´m not a very good craftmen.
    I´m better in singing, i hope.

    I wish you a lot of fun and success for the show



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