Monday April 22nd! KORALY DIMITRIADIS from Australia! Plus “Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge!

POETRY FEATURE: KORALY DIMITRIADIS is a Cypriot-Australian writer and actor. She is the author of the Australian poetry bestseller Love and Fuck Poems and the recent Just Give Me The Pills, and together they form the basis for her theatre show “Saying The Wrong Things”. Koraly has also made a short film series of her poems called “The Good Greek Girl Film Project”. She is a freelance opinion writer and has also been published in The Washington Post.  (photo credit: Kaliopi Malamas Smaller)

Bonus Ruckus: The Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE” Writing & Presentation Challenge! One of our favorite games is back as we bring in several random random RANDOM objects. Your task? Receive one at random. The object will then serve as both your writing prompt AND your writing surface. Best new poem born that night gets a frosty prize on us!

KING OF THE WEIRD may have a DG ZINE out soon! Make sure you follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel! Word has it we have a snack time contributor for next week so look out! Is it summer yet? When can we play outside?

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