Monday May 20th! ZENAIDA PETERSON returns to DG! Plus! State Your Bizness Writing Challenge!

FEATURED POET: ZENAUDA PETERSON is a fire starter, a green witch and a queer of color who likes the wind chimes outside her window and baking gluten free things for her 6 housemates. Zenaida has competed in 4 collegiate and national poetry competitions placing in the top ten each time. Most recently Zenaida competed with Haley House Poetry Slam Team that took 3rd place at the National Poetry Slam. Co-founder and lead organizer for the first slam tournament for feminine people. (FEMS). She believes they are silenced to often. She also believes everything she hears so you shouldn’t lie to her. Zenaida unwrites the lies she’s been given. Zenaida also unwrites violence, misogyny, racism and her ancestors curses.

BONUS RUCKUS: THE STATE YOUR BUSINESS! Business Card Writing Challenge! We pick up business cards sometimes that have all this blank writing space on the back! Contestants will get a random ass business card at the beginning of the show. After the first half, whoever has the best new poem using the card as a prompt and writing surface will get a frothy free prize! Now that’s the business!

Super thanks to ADRIANA BUDUSKI for hosting second half of mic last week! Thanks to EDDIE LOVE for jumping last second to join Luke and Nick in the band! Visual arts this week by EMY PEACHY! House band will try again for the power trio of LUKE, NICHOLAS & JACOB (band name forthcoming!) Weather reports say possible thunderstorms, HOWEVER, may be warm enough and the clouds might behave to allow for our first outdoor show of 2019! Would appreciate help earlier in the evening, setting up the patio area, if we go outside, stay tuned on facebook!

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